You've got the NBN. But what then?

The National Broadband Network, or NBN, will bring high-speed broadband to your home. It has the potential to change the way you live and work in every room of your house or apartment. Making the most of all that technology is your next step, but how much or how little you do is up to you. The first step is to contact your telephone or internet provider to learn more about the services they offer with the NBN so that you can plan what you want to do.Having done that you will still have a number of choices:

Do a little
Your provider is responsible for making sure your home is connected to the NBN, but if you’re happy with your phone, computer and TV just the way they are then you can simply do nothing about your new NBN connection.Find out more.
Do more
If you want a bit more technology at home like connecting the latest ‘smart televisions’ to the web or having more than one internet outlet then you can do a bit more.Find out more.
Do a lot
If you want the internet to work reliably in every room of your house, or you want to link appliances or systems easily, then you can do a lot more to get your home ready.Find out more.
Making sure technology works together right round your house or apartment is called Home Networking (Click Here) and is most reliably done over wires. Other technologies like wireless can also be used for, but wires & cables guarantee optimum performance.

Our site will help you find out what’s best for you and who you can talk to get professional advice.


Examples of smart wired

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