There are a number of people you can talk to when thinking about the NBN and your home technology.

Telephone and Internet Service Providers provide your phone and internet service, and are a logical first starting point.

Cabling providers are business that use professionally trained, accredited and qualified registered cablers to undertake home technology installations. To find out more about Cabling providers follow the link (click here).

NBN Cabler RSP
NBN co is responsible for providing high speed broadband service up to the Network Termination Device (NTD) using either Fibre to the Home, Fixed Wireless or Satellite.
Registered Cabler is responsible for the installation of any wiring installed in concealed locations in the home. The home owner is the owner of the cabling but the cabling can only be installed by the Registered Cabler.
Service provider is responsible for delivering an active service to a an RJ45 port on the NTD. In many cases they service providers will supply a gateway to allow them to manage their service delivery. Some service providers will provide self install whilst others may provide full installation service.