Connect to NBN
There are 101 Questions you could be asked when you are out connecting your customers to the nbnTM , so before you head out CLICK HERE .

If you want to get the most out of the opportunities being created by the NBN then this web site is for you.

First and foremost the site is designed for consumers to get easy to understand information on the NBN and home technology, and then to find cablers in their own area with the minimum of fuss.

It’s also been designed to provide you with professional, industry backed marketing material that’s supported by cost effective distribution to the door of potential customers in your area.

Eligibility is open to all cablers who hold a valid cabler registration. Your responsibility is to:

  • Have a cabler registration with the ACMA specialist competency / endorsements
  • Do quality work in compliance with mandated ACMA standards and industry best practice.
  • Guide consumers on their options
  • Reference this site in your marketing.

In addition to this, you can also register with your current Registrar so consumers using the site and searching for a cabler can find you.

To access the marketing, support material and the Code of Practice for Home Wiring click here  

To register click on your registrar’s link below:

Australian Security Industry Association Limited at

TITAB Australia, 

BRCA in full at at

Fire Protection Association Australia

Australian Cabler Registration Service at

Or for a few dollars per annum you can list your business on this site, for more details click here