All customer cabling work in the telecommunications, fire, security and data industries must be performed by a Registered Cabler. Cablers are required to register with one of the five ACMA-accredited registrars, these are:
There are three types of registrations, below is a summary of the registration for full details you can go to ACMA Type of cabling work
Any type of cabling work (including aerial or underground cabling work on private or public property) in which the customer cabling that is used terminates directly at the network boundary on a socket, a network termination device or a distributor.
In addition to this an Open Registered Cabler can undertake further training to work in specialist areas and are listed on their registration card, these are:
  • Structured cabling – support telephone and data communications and can easily interface with NBN Co’s NTD.
  • Coaxial cabling – Television distribution
  • Fibre cabling – supports telephone, data, television distribution
Cabling work where the services are terminated directly on sockets or the network termination device (NTD). For full details please refer to ACMA Type of cabling work
Cabling in relation to lift installations only.
In addition to this, there are many cablers that have undertaken further training to be able to provide a more comprehensive range of services to you the consumer, these are not listed on their registration card but may be but is not limited to:
  • Certificate II in digital reception
  • Certificate II in Cabling
  • Certificate III in Telecommunication Cabling
  • Certificate III in Broadband and Wireless technology
  • Certificate III in Telecommunications Digital Reception Technology
  • Smart Wired® Designer
  • BICSI RCDD accreditation
  • CEDIA accreditation